My name is Madhav D. Patil and I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Bridgeport. My advisor is Professor Tarek Sobh and my
research interests lie in the intersection of Robotics, Automation, Machine Perception and Sensing.
    My research work is motivated by real-world applications of robotics intelligence (e.g. exploring unknown environment, search and rescue, mapping and navigation, service etc).
All these applications rely significantly on a variety of sensing devices of different capabilities (e.g. motion detector, camera, GPS, microphone, biometric, infrared, ultrasonic, encoder, laser, thermal, light, temperature sensors) to materialize this intelligence and the resulting infrastructure gives rise to large-scale, heterogeneous, multimodal communication networks. My goal is to efficiently and holistically manage such networks and use this information for robots swarm by exploiting and extending tools from stochastic control, detection, co-operative and optimization theory. My work is to design and build robots and to address the problem related to the hardware architecture design in Swarm Robotics. Specifically, building the hardware platforms for swarm of heterogeneous robots.  In Heterogeneous Swarm system, robots with different designs or functionalities that usually complement each other in order to complete tasks efficiently. 
    Before joining UB, I completed my undergraduate studies at the D. N. Patel COE, Shahada, North Maharashtra University, India, where I received my Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation and Control. For my undergrad project, I worked on PLC based soft drink dispensing machine under the supervision of Professor Mohan Patel. 

  This is my personal webpage, which contains information about myself, my graduate studies at UB and my interests. Comments and questions are more than welcome!...