Projects Completed

The following lists most of the projects, research or otherwise, that I've worked on. 

- Wireless Sensor based Remote Monitoring and Control System using CompactLogix PLC for Temperature and Humidity.

- UB Swarm System: Design, Built and Implementation of Heterogeneous Robots.
- Design, Built and Implementation of TT Robot for Different Tasks using PLC.  

- Designed and Built Control Panel for Precise Position Control and monitoring of the data on HMI for Servo Motor.  

- Implemented Conveyor line for sorting out metal and non metal part by using sensors and controlling the system with Allen-Bradley Micrologix PLC.

- Integration of VFD, Induction Motor, HMI with Compactlogix PLC as well as SLC 5/03 PLC for controlling the Speed of Motor with load cell application. 

- Integration of ROBO Cylinder and Cognex vision system with PLC for Universal Quality Control and raw material inspection. 

- Implementation of Step ladder logic and optimization of robotic conveyor line - Mitsubishi Robot, Mitsubishi Fx3G PLC, Mitsubishi E-1041 HMI (SCADA like implementation) and      COGNEX vision camera system.

- Designed and Integrated COGNEX Vision system with Robotic arm for picks and place application.

- Designed and Integrated EASY-VEEP with Allen-Bradley and Mitsubishi PLC and developed programs for student assignments. 

- Designed hardware architecture for PLC I/O’s modules, sensors.

- Designed Various HMI Screens in E-designer, Factory Talk VIEW/Panel Mate for different Projects. 

- Developed, maintained control panel schematics, Logic for new/existing projects.

- Designed and Integrated PLC with Servo Motor using servo amplifier for precise movement application with Linear Actuator.

- Worked on Robo-Actuator (IAI) Programming with Allan Bradley PLC SLC-500.

- Designed and installed system for speed control and load cell application of Single phase Induction motor using Variable Frequency Drive and created ladder logic for Allen Bradley      SLC 5/03 which is operate on Network (Ethernet) through HMI (Cutler Hammer).