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Results and Summary

    Figures below presents a comparison of the original images, processed images and the images drown by the robot. The average time required to reproduce the images was around 7 minutes. Some factors that influence the image drawn by the robot are:  the paper type, the pen type and the tip-size of the pen. For example, when we tried to use a marker with a large size tip we got a gap-free picture but we lost the fine details from it due to ink blotting. These details are important because the robot will transform a 135x135 pixels (35x35 mm) processed image into a 135x135 mm size image on the paper. And when the control program scans one pixel and leaves the next one, then the real size of the drawn image is approximately 65x65 pixels (18x18 mm).

    In this project we implemented a dynamically controlled robotic system to draw a portrait picture. The concept of the artist robot that we introduced in this project is one of robots’ many interesting applications. Such applications will encourage and attract students and professionals alike to the field of science and engineering, and more specifically, robotics and automation.