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    Industrial robots are usually designed for specific applications. Most of the tasks in these applications are repetitive and dull for manufacturing processes. For this purpose predefined sequences and positions usually have to be stored in the robot’s built-in controller memory. Robots are often employed to do tasks such as welding, assembly, and packaging. These tasks are dull and boring, but robots nowadays are very autonomous and can perform tasks other than the typical industrial jobs. Most of these robots are equipped with a serial port to control the robot dynamically and remotely if needed. In this case the built-in controller will act as a slave and the remote computer will be the master. The movement of the robot will be based on the command string sent by the remote controller using the robot’s built-in controller’s language.

    Art is a universal language and has been essential to human life for centuries. In this project we apply a typical industrial robot to produce picture portrait.  This Table-Top robot is a Cartesian coordinate robot . It has three prismatic joints whose axes are mutually orthogonal, as shown in the figure below. This Table-Top robot is IAI made with a built-in X-SEL controller . A pen is attached to the robot z-axis.

    MATrix LABoratory (MATLAB) is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. MATLAB software is used in this paper for image processing, serial communication, and robot controlling.